Futura Building

St.-Quentin-en-Yvelines (78), France

Project owner:
SCI Montarim


Arim et associés – 75017 Paris

Project manager:
Charles Lambert, Pierre-Paul Heckly, Guy Prache – Architects -75016

Surface: Habitable surface area: 9230 m2

Located in the New Town of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the Le Futura office block had to meet some demanding pre-conditions in terms of muffling sound.

Part of the great alignment of the New Town of Saint-Quentinen-Yvelines (78), along the station frontage, to the west of the tracks, Le Futura is a 5-storey office block that shows off its rectangular forms in every one of its 85 metres.

It was built 27 metres high so as to be visible from a long way off and taking the proximity of the station into account.

However, as Mr Charles Lambert, one of the architects responsible for the project, informed us, they also had to include another scale – that of the pedestrian.

«This office block becomes involved in the life of a district, as an element of a city centre does. Therefore, we had to use a material that would allow us to obtain the various scales and to marry the larger elements with the smaller ones.

Aluminium was therefore used as the only finish, both outside(sunshade façades) and inside (reception, glass…).

It has to be said that its durability and its resistance to pollution, are additional, yet significant advantages.»